"History is a storehouse of human experience and as such an irreplaceable educator. For sure knowledge of the past lets us draw upon earlier human experience, facilitating our leap into the future with a sense of ease and confidence." Fr Vijay Kumar Prabhu, SJ in"The Burning Bush: The History of Karnataka Jesuit Province"by Fr Devadatta Kamath, SJ

Monday, November 14, 2022

Life in History

 The Karnataka Jesuit Province, originally the "The Mangalore Mission" today comprises the whole of the territory of Karnataka State. Started in 1878 with an international group of Jesuits from Italy and Germany, in a small town of Mangalore, the Jesuits continue to follow in the footsteps of the early Fathers and Brothers who gave themselves to the service of faith, education, health, language and happiness. They made our land richer by establishing educational institutions, hospitals, parishes, retreat houses, etc. The Jesuits in Karnataka continue to strive and to live the spirituality in word and action taught by the founder St Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) which inspired the first Fathers and Brothers who set their foot on our soil.  The founding Fathers and Brothers even though being foreigners not only learnt our mother tongues Konkani, Tulu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, etc., but also ate our food and integrated themselves in our society as any one of us. 

"The mission territory inherited by the Jesuits from the Carmelites and called Mangalore Mission comprised then what would later constitute the dioceses of Mangalore and Calicut and later still Kannur too. Having laboured in this territory for nearly three-quarters of a century they would disengage themselves from a part of it called Malabar and move over to the rest of Karnataka and even to North East." Fr Devadatta Kamath, SJ The author of "The Burning Bush: The History of the Karnataka Province."

 Their labours, both in their successes and failures, spread through 144 years are what this web blog contains.

Map of Karnataka, where Jesuits are working

The depository of Karnataka Jesuit archives continues to gather material from Jesuits and their institutions as a way to keep the memory of our predecessors and institutions alive. With its thorough record maintenance and systematic organization, the experience of the past continues to inspire the present and future generation of Jesuits and their collaborators in striving to bring Glory to God in all things. You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to get the history of our Fathers and Brothers better known to others.

Karnataka Jesuit Province archives contain a very interesting and resourceful depository of handwritten manuscripts of Jesuits like Fr Angelo Maffei (1844-1899), Fr Augustus Diamanti (1848-1919), the handwritten consult meetings from 1880, the novitiate diaries, letters to Rome and Jesuit Superior General's letters to the Mission Superior of Mangalore since 1879, contracts with various institutions and persons, photographs like the visit of the Diwans of Mysore Kingdom to the St Aloysius College, Mangalore, edifying letters and memoirs written by the early Jesuits of Mangalore Mission to the Venice-Milan province Jesuits, the books written by the Jesuits of the Karnataka Province, Historia Domus of all the Jesuit communities, publications of various institutions and apostolates, correspondence with various dioceses and provinces of the Society, philately and so on. 

The archives also contain unpublished works of many Jesuits like Fr Devadatta Kamath's II part of Burning Bush with four volumes, Fr Francis Rebello's theatrical drama, etc. Karnataka Jesuit Province which is 144 years old, preserves in its archives all material and matters connected with its works, members and communities. Hence, every individual Jesuit, community, apostolate and its ventures are recorded and preserved in the archives. It is hoped that such a collection of material will help in preserving the memory of the past, assist in writing the history of the province and communities and enable the researchers to carry out their academic works. 

Until recently, Karnataka Jesuit Province treasured artifacts collected by many Jesuits including Fr Lawrence D’Souza (1932-2009) and postal stamps and coins by Brother Gabriel Ferruccio, SJ (1939-2013) and Fr Alexis P. Menezes (1922-2002). Now, most of it has been donated to the upcoming Museum of St Joseph's College, Bangalore and St Joseph's School CBSE, Bangalore and St Aloysius College Museum, Mangalore. 

Contact details are below.

- Olvin Veigas, SJ
In Charge of the Archives of Karnataka Jesuit Province. 

Provincialate of the Jesuits in Karnataka
Loyola Mandir, 
96 Lavelle Road, 3rd Cross, 
Bengaluru - 560001.

Fr Victor D'Silva (1942-2022)

Fr Victor D’Silva, 80 years, 62 years in the Society of Jesus went to his eternal abode early this morning (03 November). The funeral Mass followed by burial will be at MSJ at 3 PM tomorrow (04 November).

Fr Victor D’Silva (80), is the son of the late John Baptist D'Silva and Annie Mary D'Silva (Bhattakody), brother of the late Walter D'Silva, uncle of Julia, Marceline, Sr Laveena UMI, Fr Ajay D'Silva SJ, Vijay and Sujay.

Father Victor D’Silva was a simple, childlike Jesuit, always friendly and cheerful. Whatever work the Superiors gave him, he readily accepted them and fulfilled his responsibilities with all his heart and soul. Mainly trained for the educational apostolate, Fr Victor was frequently called upon to shoulder responsibility as a formator, which he carried out to the satisfaction of all, both superiors and the formees. As a Headmaster of two different schools in the Province, he was known for his efficiency, constancy and administrative acumen. He made a difference in the lives of people through simple ways.   

Fr Henry Saldanha, SJ: Many Alumni at Hassan remember Fr Victor Dsilva as a great teacher and Headmaster. Here are some messages I received just now.

Dr Shivaprakash C K 1975 batch: For years, daily evening , we were playing basketball together along with Stanley Sir and Louis Rao Sir. I was visiting his hostel residence, every evening, after playing. He trained me in general knowledge also. I remember him forever. May his soul rest in peace in heavenly abode.

Shartchandra 1978 : great teacher and great personality 

Venkateshwar Sharma 1978 : he was a great Headmaster and a teacher. Great loss.

Mr Subramanya 1986 : ಒಂದು ನೆನಪು

ಫಾದರ್ ವಿಕ್ಟರ್ ಈ ಡಿ ಸಿಲ್ವ ರವರು ಅಪರೂಪದ ಮಹೋಪಾಧ್ಯಾಯರಾಗಿದ್ದರು ಅವರ ಕನ್ನಡ ನಮ್ಮ ಮನಸೂರೆಗೊಂಡಿತ್ತು ಹಾಗೆಯೇ ಅವರ ಮಾರಲ್ science ಕ್ಲಾಸ್ ತುಂಬಾ ಅಪರೂಪದಲ್ಲಿ ಅಪರೂಪ ನಮಗೆಲ್ಲ ಅವರೇ ರೋಲ್ ಮಾಡೆಲ್ ಆಗಿದ್ದರು ಅವರ ಆತ್ಮಕ್ಕೆ ಶಾಂತಿ ಸಿಗಲಿ.

Following comments were published at https://www.daijiworld.com/chan/obituaryDisplay?obituaryID=14729

Naveen Frank, Mangalore/Sharjah, Mon, Nov 07 2022

Fr Victor D’silva S.J was simplicity personified. A dedicated priest and a committed Jesuit. He was a close friend of my family. During the jackfruit season, Fr Victor would ensure that his brother bring a big sized jackfruit from their Mangalore home and give it to my father as he was very fond of it. I had visited him last, at Mount St Joseph , Bangalore where he was spending the evening of his life. He was still the same cordial person. Rest in peace Fr Victor. Until we meet again, enjoy heavenly bliss ! Naveen Frank Sharjah UAE

Tony D'Silva, Bondel, Mangalore, Sat, Nov 05 2022

Sad to hear the passing away of Fr. Victor. May he rest in Peace. Beside being a relative, I have known him as a friend and well wisher. An unassuming soul for all his accomplishments as a Jesuit. He was a scholar of Kannada. He was also deeply spiritual. I got to spend some time with him when he was on a sabbatical break and spent time in the U.S. My friends and me will never forget the wonderful time we had with him. My heartfelt condolences to his immediate family and friends and students, a few of whom were very fond of him.

Dr.Cajetan Coelho, Goa, IndiaFri, Nov 04 2022

Respectful farewell to Fr Victor. In Paradisum deducant te Angeli.

Denis Lasrado, Kankanady Mangalore, Thu, Nov 03 2022

Fr. Victor D'Silva was the Director of FRH during 2007-08.Very gentle and humble he was during his stay in Fathima Retreat House. May his noble soul rest in eternali.ce and let the perpetual light shine upon him.

Louis Dsilva Family, Bondel / Mangalore / USA Thu, Nov 03 2022

Sincere condolences to all family members on Fr. Victor's passing away. We pray for him and may Almighty grant him eternal rest and may his Soul Rest in Peace.

Dexter Joachim Saldanha, Meramajal/Omzoor / Mangalore, Thu, Nov 03 2022

Rest in Peace dear Fr Victor Dsilva SJ. You were a person with vast knowledge always with positive impact and compassionate. Heartfelt condolences to the family members and to provincial all Jesuit father's of Karnataka province.

Danny Dsouza, Marnamikatta, Thu, Nov 03 2022

Rest in peace Fr. Victor May the almighty God bless you and give you a reward of having you in heaven as you have served him and his mission in spreading the word of God

Roshan, Mangalore, Thu, Nov 03 2022

Rest In Peace Dear Fr. Victor D'Silva S.J. you were humble and a bunch of knowledge. I remember your positive impact on my life.



(23 AUGUST 1942 – 03 NOVEMBER 2022) 

We are all saddened by the sudden demise of our dear Fr Victor D’Silva. He suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage on the night of 2 November 2022 and, though rushed to hospital, he breathed his last in the early hours of 3 November. He was 80 years of age and 62 years a Jesuit. In his passing away, we have lost a warm friend, a zealous yet quiet priest, an earnest religious. 

Announcing the sad news of Victor’s death, Fr Jossie D’ Mello, our Socius wrote: “Fr Victor was a simple, childlike Jesuit, always friendly and cheerful. Whatever works the superiors gave him, he readily accepted them and fulfilled his responsibilities with all his heart and soul. Mainly trained for educational apostolate, Fr Victor was frequently called upon to shoulder responsibilities as a formator, which he carried out to the satisfaction of superiors and formees alike. As Headmaster of two different schools in the province, he was known for his efficiency, constancy and administrative acumen. He made a difference in the lives of people through simple ways”. 

Fr Victor was a spiritual powerhouse. Those of us who have had occasions to interact with him have been greatly impacted spiritually by him. He has not kept a record of the number of persons to whom he gave the Spiritual Exercises, the groups and communities to whom he gave recollection talks, individuals – lay or religious - who availed of his personal guidance and counseling. Neither has he kept a count of the Masses he celebrated, the inspiring homilies he delivered, the sacraments he administered. I recall with nostalgic admiration the stirring sermon he delivered on the day of my First Thanksgiving Mass 22 years ago. Fr Victor was way ahead of his time. He was a polyglot in his own style, master of Kannada, but quite conversant in Konkani, Tulu, Sanskrit, and English. He had numerous friends among people of other faiths, and was from time to time invited to participate in the ‘sarva dharma sammelana’ and to deliver lectures on the Christian faith and the Church’s teaching on inter-religious dialogue. 

Fr Victor lived a life of dignity and died in dignity. In the past six or seven years that he spent in the infirmary at Mount St Joseph, he chose to live like a hermit – speaking only when there was extreme necessity, not indulging in levity or laughter, keeping his cool even when instigated to break silence, not allowing himself to be provoked into irritation or anger. It is no wonder then that he chose to depart from this life causing the least bit of inconvenience to others. Nevertheless, he has left a void in our hearts. 

Fr Victor has left many pleasant impressions on his confreres, brothers or sisters, cousins, uncles or aunts, colleagues or subordinates. All found in him a loving friend and a compassionate priest. Many will remember his ready availability as a priest who blessed their wedding, baptized their children, buried their loved ones, and above all, prayed for them at the Eucharist. 

Victor had, like any of us, his faults and failures. Like St Paul (Rom 7:15), he was painfully aware of his spiritual dilemma. He would candidly share about them in our faith sharing sessions. These lacunae in no way hindered or blocked his longing for a life of perfection. If we humans didn’t mind them at all, we can be absolutely certain that the merciful God would be infinitely kinder to him. God’s response to Victor would be: “My grace is sufficient for you, for in your weakness, power reaches perfection” (2 Cor 12:9). 

Dear Fr Victor, as your name suggests, today you are really a victor. You will no longer be a victim to blood pressure, diabetes, bodily wear and tear, ailments and physical sufferings. You have triumphed over all these earthly conditions. You have fought a good fight; you have finished the race in style. You have gone to heaven where you really belong. Rest in peace and pray for us. Adieu Fr Victor, till we meet again! 

- Fr Edward Rodrigues, SJ

Source: Karunada Saurabha » Karnataka Jesuit Province Newsletter, KS » November 2022» Vol 95 » No. 11

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Fr Dominic Ferroli (1887-1970)

Fr Ferroli who passed away in Italy on 4th October 1970 at the ripe old age of 84, was one of the great luminaries of the former Mangalore Mission. Born in Italy on 13th November 1887, he did his early studies in the Diocesan Seminary. He entered the Society in  January 1906 and did his novitiate at Soresina and later his first year of philosophy at  Cremona. In 1910 he was sent to England where he completed his philosophy at  Stonyhurst and then joined the Liverpool University. Here he had for companion Fr Leo Proserpio, who became later the Bishop of Calicut.

The two of them came to India in 1913, reaching Mangalore on October 26. Fr Ferroli spent 3 years at St Aloysius College doing his regency and then proceeded to Kurseong for his theology. He was ordained in   January 1920. At the end of the same year, Fr Ferroli was sent back to Italy and joined the University of Padua where he took his doctorate in  Physics in1923. Back in India at the end of the year, he did his tertianship at Ranchi and then joined the staff of St Aloysius College in November 1924. For the next 10 years, he worked in Mangalore teaching Mathematics and religion in the College, running study clubs for boys or organizing public lectures and writing books.

After a brief stay in Italy in 1934, he was posted at Christ Hall, Calicut where he was first in charge of the carbon factory and then taught in the Juniorate. In 1937 Fr Ferroli was transferred to Bangalore where he took up work at St Joseph's College, which was then newly taken over by the Jesuits of the Mangalore Mission. Here he organized the first  Summer School which continued to be held for a number of years. 

During the Second World War, Fr Ferroli was interned in N. India, and was allowed to return to the Mission only in1945. He stayed for a time in Calicut and then went to Bangalore in 1947 where he took up work in St Joseph's College once more. Fr Ferroli returned to Italy in 1956 when he was long past the age for active work in the College. But he continued his labours in Italy, keeping himself busy with various forms of apostolic work almost till the end.

A highly intellectual man, Fr Ferroli was at the same time an assiduous worker. While fully occupied in teaching, he found time to write several books. The best known of these are his Studies in Christian Sanctity (a second edition was published under the title of 'The Queen's Call'), Ethics or Moral Science in three volumes, Jesuits in Malabar in two volumes, and Jesuits in Mysore. The two last show great research and scholarship and a  sense of historical perspective.

An eloquent preacher, his sermons were always a delight to hear, while as a confessor he was greatly in demand. Seemingly absorbed in intellectual pursuits and grave-looking, he was at the same time an amiable man who kept the ball rolling during community recreation by his humorous stories. Above all, he was a   man of prayer and great personal sanctity. It was a source of edification to watch him recite the breviary or his rosary – so great was his recollection. May God grant him the reward of his great labours. 

Written by Fr Devadatta Kamath

in The Burning Bush Part II Volume 2, Pages 39-40, 2008 (Unpublished, Kar Province Archives). 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Loyola Bangalore

LOYOLA HIGH SCHOOL, Mt. St. Joseph, Bannerghatta Road

(Inception and Expansion)

BANGALORE JESUIT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY runs many educational institutions. Loyola High School is one of them. The birth of LOYOLA SCHOOL in 1982 (at Mount Saint Joseph, Kalena Agrahara village) was a result of BJES’ policy of option for the poor. This is the first fully Kannada Medium School run by the BJES in a rural area.  It had a humble beginning. It was started in a shed near Kalena Agrahara – to serve the need of so many villages in this vast area just outside the city in Bangalore South where there was no high school in a radius of more than 10 kms. There wasn't a necessity of starting a Primary School because there were already 03 Higher Primary schools in neighbouring villages. 

Fr Alexis Menezes, the then Rector of  Mt. St. Joseph, has left behind a manuscript in which he writes thus “The decision to open the School was taken at the Province Sammelan of May 1982.  The permission to open a High School at Mount Saint Joseph was announced by the Govt in its gazette notification of July 7, 1982. In the application, the name of the school was proposed as Mount Saint Joseph High School, but soon after the school started, it was realised that for the students as well as the people of the area MSJ was a mouthful, too difficult to utter. A proposal was therefore made to the Department to change the name to Loyola highschool. The proposal was approved and hence all documents pertaining to the school are under this name...... The 17 students who were admitted were....pulled out from their homes to have a sizable group to start with........The school began functioning from July 12, 1983..... besides special fee no other fees were charged”)


Kannada medium Primary School: Since serving the poor was the priority, the school did not even think of introducing uniform to children. The poor deserve the best- so a beautiful building was constructed for the school in 1984.  Soon the Jesuits discovered that the really poor did not come to this High School because they were not in a position to complete even Primary School. Even from the immediate village of Kalena Agrahara, very few reached the high school stage because quality education was not imparted in existing Primary schools around.  Hence the Jesuits felt the need to start their own Primary school. Accordingly Primary School was started in 1989.

English medium Primary 6th and 7th Std: In 2012, 2013

English medium High school 8th, 9th & 10th: In 2014, 2015, 2016

PU College: In 2008

Degree College: In 2017

Presently, all the above units except Kannada medium Primary school, are functioning in one building, under one roof. 

Monday, December 27, 2021

Fr Lawrence Pinto SJ (1933-2021)

A popular teacher and former headmaster of St Aloysius High School, (SAHS) Light House Hill, Mangalore Fr Lawrence Pinto SJ (88) passed away at a private hospital in the city on Thursday, December 16. He served in SAHS for 18 years, including 13 years as headmaster. He was also the headmaster of St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bangalore for three years where he retired. After his retirement, he founded Loyola primary, high school and PUC in Mundgod, Uttara Kannada district. Later, he was also responsible in beginning Loyola School, Sindagi, Bijapur.
The funeral rites will be held at Fatima Retreat House, Valencia, Mangalore on Friday December 17, at 4 p.m.
Born 20.04.1933; joined 01.07.1955; ordained 29.03.1967; final vows 15.08.1972; Died: 16.12.2021

                                                Place                                     Year                            

Joined Novitiate                        Christ Hall, Calicut            1955

First Vows                                 Christ Hall, Calicut            1957

Ordination                                Bendur, Mangaluru             1967

Tertianship                                Mount St Joseph                1970

Final Vows                St Aloysius College, Mangaluru        1972


Type of work                                 Place                                                    Years

Vocation Promoter                    Gonzaga House                                       1968-70

Asst. Head Master            St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru              1970-75

Headmaster                      St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru,             1975-88

Head Master             St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bengaluru            1988-91

Parish Priest                        Mundgod                                                       1991-9

Manager & Correspondent,          Loyola School, Mundgod                    1991-05

Director                            Vivek Pragathi, Haliyal                                    2005-09

In charge                                Sindagi Centre                                            2009-12

Spiritual Ministry                Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru                2012-14

Spiritual Ministry                Mundgod                                                       2014-15

Spiritual Ministry                Loyola, Mangaluru,                                      2015-16

Convalesce,                     Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru,                  2016-2021

Courtesy: https://karnatakajesuits.org/news/obituary-fr-lawrence-pinto-sj

A Tribute to My Headmaster Fr Lawrence Pinto Sj-a Jesuit Priest of Poor Students & People

By Alfie Dsouza, Team Mangalorean. -December 19, 2021

Mangaluru: It is said, “The best and the most beautiful things in the world, cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt within the heart”. These are my sentiments about Fr Lawrence Pinto Sj, my former Headmaster at St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru in the year 1975. The last time, me and few of my classmates of 1975 year met Fr Lawrence Pinto Sj was on 4 January 2020, after we all had a class reunion a day prior to meeting Fr Lawrence Pinto and Fr Denis Rasquinha Sj, (both who were Headmasters at St Aloysius High School) when they were residing at Fatima Retreat House, Bengaluru. We all loved our school days at St Aloysius and we still cherish and have fond memories of those yester years. We still remember our strict and disciplined Headmaster in Higher Primary school-Fr Denis Coelho SJ, fondly known as “Shivaji” (because of his appearance) and in High school, Fr Denis Rasquinha SJ and Fr Lawrence Pinto SJ , whom we all loved very dearly.

More than we were overjoyed to meet our mentors, the Jesuit duo were also extremely overwhelmed to see us and they happily interacted with us. Surprisingly, even at this Golden age, both Fr Rasquinha and Fr Pinto recognized us, and even remembered our names. A Popular teacher and former headmaster of St Aloysius High School, (SAHS) Mangalore Fr Lawrence Pinto SJ (88) died at Father Muller hospital in the city on Thursday, December 16. He had served in SAHS for 18 years, including 13 years as headmaster. He was also the headmaster of St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bangalore for three years where he retired. After his retirement he founded Loyola primary, high school and PUC in Mundgod, Uttara Kannada district. Later, he was also responsible for starting Loyola School, Sindagi, Bijapur. The funeral rites were held at Fatima Retreat House, Valencia, Mangalore on Friday December 17, at 4 p.m., where a large gathering of priests, nuns, former students, well-wishers, among others paid their final respect to a great soul.

Fr Lawrence’s primary ministry was education, but it was education with a difference. As our headmaster for three years, I have noticed him as a man of discipline but not one with an iron fist, and also strict. However, he was affectionate and polite with the students, and always helped those students coming from lower-class families. He had great love towards poor children. He always gave an opportunity to explain the mischief had or hadn’t created before taking a decision on the ways to punish, that too in a manner in which students learned not to commit the mistake again as well as learn a lesson from the punishment.

Fr Lawrence was simple, down-to-earth, and soft-spoken. Born on 20 April 1933 in Kinnigoly, he was the youngest of six children, hence very shy of meeting any strangers. He had only an elder sister with whom he used to go for daily mass. He joined the Society of Jesus congregation on 1 July 1955; did his Novitiate at Christ hall, he did his philosophy in Shembag and his theology in Kurseong. He was ordained on 29.03.1967; and his final vows on15.08.1972. He was a Vocation Promoter at Gonzaga House-1968-70; Asst. Headmaster at St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru-1970-75; Headmaster at St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru- 1975-88; Headmaster at St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bengaluru-1988-91; Parish Priest at Mundgod- 1991-99; Manager & Correspondent at Loyola School, Mundgod-1991-2005; Director at Vivek Pragathi, Haliyal- 2005-09; In charge at Sindagi Centre- 2009-12; Spiritual Ministry at Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru- 2012-14; Spiritual Ministry in Mundgod- 2014-15; Spiritual Ministry at Loyola, Mangaluru- 2015-16; and Convalesce at Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru- 2016-2021

Fr Jossie D’Mello SJ Socius Karnataka Jesuit Province, the PRO of Fr Dionysius Vas SJ the present provincial in his message says, “Fr Lawrence was simple, down-to-earth and soft-spoken. His primary ministry was education. However, it was an education with a difference. Working in the city institutions for several years, after his retirement, he moved to Mundgod to open a school for the poorest of the poor. His pioneering spirit, courage and enthusiasm was amply rewarded as this school grew from strength to strength becoming Loyola Institutions, a composite PU College welcoming children from all levels of Society. With the demise of Fr Lawrence, Karnataka Jesuit Province has lost a great lover of the poor, a pioneer in the field of education and a simple and compassionate human being. Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family members of Fr Lawrence Pinto and to the members of Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru. Adieu, Fr Lawrence, till we meet again. United in prayers”.

Fr Lawrence looked serious but he had a loving heart that cared for people. He had a good rapport with his priest friends and companions. He was the uniting factor among his family members. He always played a twofold role as pastor and teacher. He would reach the school before everyone else after duly attending his religious and social service work. He was a man of team work . All these things made him so special. it is learnt that Fr Lawrence suffered a lot during the fag end of his life. But he never complained anything about his sickness or pain. He was patient and endured all sufferings till the end. He was appreciative of all the help given to him by the doctors and nursing staff of Fr Muller hospital.

Fr Lawrence Pinto’s funeral was held at Divine Mercy Church/Fatima Retreat House on 17 December, with Mass concelebrated by Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha-the Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese, joined by Fr Dionysius Vas SJ-Provincial of Karnataka Jesuit Province; Fr Melwin Pinto SJ-Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Mangaluru; Fr Maxim Misquith SJ-Superior and Director of Fatima Retreat House, Mangaluru; Fr Gerard Furtado Sj-Headmaster of St Aloysius High school, Mangaluru; Fr Cedric Prakash Sj- Social activist from Ahmedabad, Gujarath; Fr Francis Menezes Sj- the panegyrist; Fr Terence Farais Sj; Fr Norbert Fernandes Sj; Fr John Gomes Sj; Fr Alphonse Fernandes Sj; Fr Joseph Monteiro Sj; Fr Cyril D’mello Sj; Fr Pradeep Crasta Sj, among others.

In his homily, Fr Gerard Furtado Sj said, “In the Gospel John, we come across intimate relationship between God the Father and Jesus.  People as the children of God have close relationship with God the Father. This relationship helps in building trust and faith in God. Those who believe in Jesus become one with the salvation work of God the Father. Fr. Lawrence Pinto SJ through his preferential option for the poor in the field of Education and Social work has been able to build faith-oriented relationship with God the Father”

Here are a few messages paying respect to Fr Lawrence Pinto Sj, of my classmates of batch 1975 at St Aloysius High School, Mangaluru :

” Fr Lawrence Pinto was a Good Teacher, Kind, Polite and Knew His Subject Well. He Taught Us Science. Once It so happened in the Eight Standard, I didn’t finish his Class Work and it was a little late. I was worried \about missing the School Bus and started crying. He was adamant and even boxed my ears.

Later I reached home and told my Mother what happened, and she stared at me and said "Madhu, Fr L Pinto is then a Good Teacher. He is keen that you learn the Subject ." What happened almost Fifty Years ago is still fresh in my Memory. He always called out Names twice. Madhukar, Madhukar. He was well Mannered and Spoke Less. Will Miss You Sir. You Are Now At The Feet Of The Lord. Rest In Eternal Peace..Om Shanti”- Madhukar S Rao

“Fr Lawrence lived for the underprivileged and touched their lives in many impactful ways. He saw to it that the Siddhis, Kurbas, Adivasi, Lambani tribes get education. He built the Loyola institutions in a backward area and was loved by students, teachers and parents. We will truly miss our beloved Headmaster. His contribution to society was immense. Here’s a hidden tidbit- Fr Pinto was the Godchild of my grandmother, Late Winifred Colaco and on that count, I was one of his favourites. Fr Pinto used to give me red swordtail and guppy fish and that’s how I took a keen interest in fish rearing when I grew up. No doubt he was a great priest and a great human being. May His Soul Rest In Peace”– Dr. Anand Pereira

Fr Lawrence had a bold, convincing voice. He was available to the pastoral and other needs of the people. Most of all, he was aware that his mission was educating youth and children, especially the poor. Fr Lawrence Pinto you have said goodbye to this world and we believe that you are now living in the company of God. And yet we trust that you will continue to live here on earth in our minds and hearts. Adieu! So we pray, “Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him and may the souls of the departed find rest and peace in you, Amen”.

Credits: https://www.mangalorean.com/a-tribute-to-my-headmaster-fr-lawrence-pinto-sj-a-jesuit-priest-of-poor-students-people/ 

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=MangaloreanNews&set=a.4398945886876276

Reviews from Readers on the death news of Fr Lawrence Pinto, SJ at https://www.daijiworld.com/news/newsDisplay?newsID=905095

Wilson, Mangalore Fri, Dec 17 2021

Have vague memories of Fr. L Pinto as headmaster but do remember him as a disciplined person and students were careful in their behavior when he was around. He has really aged well could not recognise him. May his soul rest in peace.

Oliver Aranha, Mangalore/Kuwait/Toronto Fri, Dec 17 2021

Rest in peace Fr. Lawrence, a smiley face and a kind heart.

Alwyn, Mangalore, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Father was known to us as Fr. L Pinto, from our high school days at SAC, under his guidance, my life has changed a lot, he was always with me when i was going out of course. I cannot forget his advices and suggestions given to me in mounding my future. today, he is not with us, but his teachings are the guiding pillars in me. May his soul rest in peace.

Sandy, Udupi, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Rest in peace, good Father.

Ranjan, Bangalore, Fri, Dec 17 2021

ST.ALOYSIUS --days --Was a good School Headmaster -- - dedicated - disciplined - ensured School was kept to high standards - Studies -- Sports - Cleanliness - great school campus - --- It was a time when teachers were very much dedicated - Carrot / Stick -- approach -- and having good teaching skills - It was also a time --anyone who went for tuitions - was considered a duffer ---- Unlike these days -- -- Tuitions are a must and proudly spoken about -- MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE --

Sr Sybil, St Raymond's Convent, Vamanjoor, Fri, Dec 17 2021

May his soul rest in peace

Valerian Baretto, Bantwal Bangalore Rajajinagar,  Fri, Dec 17 2021

We knew him right from 1977 the day he blessed our marriage engagement. We met him also in Bangalore. He helped many of the faculty members of St. Josephs Indian High School get houses in K.H.B.Colony in Bangalore. He is remembered by all his students and teachers. May his soul Rest in Peace. Our condolences to his Nephews and Nieces who are more than a dozen.

Edward Lobo, Agrar/Bangalore,  Fri, Dec 17 2021

Fr Lawrence was our assistant headmaster from 1971 to 1973 and later became one of the longest serving headmasters of St.Aloysius High School. Was always smiling and very helpful. He taught us catechism in 9th std. Before he came to Mangalore he was teaching in Darjeeling and used to tell us about the winter over there. His selfless service in Mundgod will be remembered always. Rest in peace dear Father.

Boniface D'souza, Moodubelle/Bangalore, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Heartfelt condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

Rita pinto, B V Rd Ml, Fri, Dec 17 2021

May his soul rest in peace

Rita pinto, B V Rd Ml, Fri, Dec 17 2021

May his soul rest in peace

Alwyn Lobo, Bellevue, Washington State, USA, Fri, Dec 17 2021

O God, Thou didst raise Thy servant, Fr Lawrence Pinto, to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ, according to the Order of Melchisedech, giving him the sublime power to offer the Eternal Sacrifice, to bring the Body and Blood of Thy Son Jesus Christ down upon the altar, and to absolve the sins of human in Thine own Holy Name. We beseech Thee to reward his faithfulness and to forget his faults, admitting him speedily into Thy Holy Presence, there to enjoy forever the recompense of his labours. This we ask through Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord., Amen.

mohan prabhu, mangalore/canada, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Blessed art thou who has ministered to the poor. Rest in Peace, dear Fr, Pinto

Leeda Fernandes, Bellore - Denmark, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Very sad news. Fr Lawrence very Humble and kind to everyone. A great loss for Jesuit community. Heartfelt condolences to all jesuit fathers and the Family members. May Fr. Lawrences soul rest in Peace.

M. DSouza, Mangaluru/USA, Fri, Dec 17 2021

Fr Pinto treated everyone equally. English Medium/Kannada Medium, Christian/Non Christian, Rich/Poor, Urban/Rural he did not differentiate anyone. He taught me biology in 8th standard and was our headmaster in high school. I remember the assembly we used to have. In summer he used to visit all poor children's homes and evaluate the situation at home. I know many instances, where children used to approach him during lunch time and he used to give them cash for lunch. He used to give fee concession to all deserving students. This priest is a saintly figure. Calm, smiling and respectful. Thousands of Mangalorean students have been benefitted by his service. Rest in peace. Fr Pinto. You lived your life as per Lord's teachings. Enjoy your rewards in Heaven.

sanjay pinto, manglaore, Fri, Dec 17 2021

He was known as Fr L Pinto right? I was thinking from yesterday...I was also in X B standard in 1981..Nice priest and very disciplined...May his soul rest in peace...I was one of the beneficiaries of the mid day meal scheme of Jesuit Priest...they used to give us lunch coupon and we used to eat at Hotel Ritz in Shedigudda..full plate meals for Rs 1.20 till 1981

Ritapinto, B V Rd Ml, Thu, Dec 16 2021

May his soul rest in peace

DP, Balmatta / Burlington, MA, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Rest in Peace, Dear Father. You will be always remembered.

Alfred dsouza, Mangalore, Thu, Dec 16 2021

You will be always remembered dear fr. Thank you for giving me the best childhood memories. May God grant you eternal peace.

Drs.Rita and Lionel Dias, Mangalore, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Rest in peace Father-Will miss you at retreat house on walks rosary and prayers

Ben D'Souza Prabhu, Mangalore, Bombay Bandra now in Canada, Thu, Dec 16 2021

My dear Rev Fr Lawrence Pinto, you are called by our Gracious Lord to do quite a number of things there in our Lovely Paradise. Dear Lord do take care of our loving Priest to stay with you in your Kingdom for ever Many THANKS to you our dear brother and friend !!!

Joel D'Souza, Highlands, Mangalore. Thu, Dec 16 2021

Truly a people's priest. Humblest of the humble. Gentle, soft-spoken with that never-vanishing trademark smile. Enjoy the eternal hereafter Father.

ROY, mangalore, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Tough disciplinarian with a heart of gold. Had the time to listen to the student, made no distinction between students and treated all the same.20 years as Headmaster at st. Aloysius high school, he would have seen thousands pass through its hallowed portals. Rest in peace Fr. Lawrence and enjoy your heavenly reward.

LJS, Dakshina Kannada, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Rest in peace Fr. Lawrence 🙏🙏🙏

William Rodrigues, Milagres, Mangalore, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Very very nice Priest....humble and soft spoken. May his soul rest in peace.

Manohar, Udupi, Thu, Dec 16 2021

Rest in peace.

Vivian D Sousa Coove, Coove via Magundi Chikkamagalu 577160, Thu, Dec 16 2021

As a Headmaster he was a very good administrator, A loving Headmaster to students. He was accepting good suggestions given by teachers, Very democratic while conducting staff meeting. He worked among poorest of poor students in Mundgod Karwar district. May his soul rest in peace Vivian DSouza Ex teacher St Aloysius Highschool

Hegde, Bangalore, Thu, Dec 16 2021

A good School principal .. disciplined ... Encouraging both studies and sports ..good value systems.. It was a generation of no bias .. Class ..Rich or poor .. caste .. religion.. no special favours to catholics as claimed nowadays Needless politics .. May his soul rest in eternal peace ..

Fredrick Sequeira, Kallianpur, Thu, Dec 16 2021

"Well done my servant".You are instrumental in providing education to the poorest of the poor who I presume are now well placed. Jesus Most Merciful n Divine Saviour grant unto his soul eternal peace.

An Adieu to our favourite headmaster https://newskarnataka.com/more/tribute/an-adieu-to-our-favourite-headmaster/

Funeral service of Fr Lawrence Pinto, SJ in Video - YouTube

Remembering Fr Lawrence Pinto as guru and friend by Dr Izabella Selvaraj

Sunday, June 20, 2021

FR ANTHONY ZEARO, SJ (1885-1965)

 Many a time already has Father Anthony Zaro appeared in this story, and it is right I should give here what is known of his early life till his death. He was born on 2 September 1885 at Moggio Alto in Frioli, a very picturesque mountain village on a promontory over the River Fella running through a deep valley near the Udine Tarvisio Railway line. His mother Maria died when he was six, leaving him and his 4 year old sister, Theresa, who lived to tell me this story of his early life. She has an astonishingly good memory of events. Giuseppe, their father, had to migrate to Austria for work to maintain their families as the land could scarcely support them. In a letter written from India in 1929 to uncle Simon at La Plata (Argentina), Father Zearo exclaims; "Our poor family! There wants only one for Australia to say that we have been in all parts of the world!".

The two children were brought up in the house of their parents who were good to them. Anthony's First Communion was on 25 March 1895. In those days and for a half century in Moggio Basso, the village portion at the foot of the promontory, there was a good simple priest as curate, Don Domenico Tessitori, who had the rare gift of perceiving and fostering many good priestly vocations. He was Anthony's confessor and soon discovered in him signs of a true vocation. Wordly lure could not detain him, so poor he was. His father did not oppose him, but said, "If you really want to go, remember that you are of poor condition, so you should always be ready to serve others." So at 12 he joined the Udine Seminary, in November 1897, and the following year he was confirmed. He was very intelligent, as we can see it even from his letters. He finished his theology at 22. But as he was too young for Ordination, he was sent to Cividale where there was a College, to teach little seminarists.

He was ordained priest on 14 March 1908 at Udine and was appointed for Ovedasso near Moggio. His sister came to serve him.

Works in Different Fields


In the direct care of souls, the Jesuits have used all the means which experience had demonstrated as efficacious elsewhere in the world. Of these the sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Retreats deserve special mention.

The first sodality to be established in Mangalore was Men's Sodality of the Immaculate Conception at Codialbail in 1879. It was started by Fr Urban Stein. During a hundred years it has faithfully maintained the high traditions and has been a model to other sodalities as well. To keep the members together and to promote healthy social life among them, a Recreation Hall was constructed at Hampankatta which came to be known as the Catholic Club, where library and reading room facilities too were provided.

For women, the Sodality of the Christian Mothers was started by Fr Torri at Milagres Church. These and other parish sodalities were the means of propagating true and filial devotion to the Blessed virgin Mary, love of prayer, regular use of sacraments, cultivation of Christian virtues in hundreds of men and women. For the students of St Aloysius College, The Sodality of the Presentation was started in 1881 which was bifurcated later on to form the Sodality of the Assumption for Junior boys of the High School. These two have in particular been the seed-bed of vocations to the priesthood and the religious life.

As it is well known, a new orientation has been given to the sodality movement with a change in name and of programme as Christian Life Communities in which much greater responsibility is given to laymen with the aim of forming a capable laity and a more solid spiritual basis of Gospel values and the Spiritual exercises of St Ignatius. They are yet in their infancy and will have to be tended with great care and solicitude.

The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius popularly known as retreats have always been considered a potent means to instill a deep spirituality and to renew it regularly. The first retreat for the clergy was held in the first year, namely 1879. Since then, the clergy retreat has been an annual feature in the Diocese of Mangalore. Retreats for boys and girls were introduced in schools and colleges. In the parishes, 'missions' were preached from time to time. 'Closed retreats' or residential retreats for small groups were introduced by Fr Emmanuel Coelho as Director of the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception and so to say exploited by Fr Denis A. Pai as producing the night atmosphere and disposition for youth to choose their state of life or, in the words of St Ignatius, 'to make an election.

Fatima Retreat House

It was however left to Fr A. Le Tellier S.J. to give a push to the movement and to give it a "local habitation and a name", "Characteristically he swooped down upon Mangalore and started the work. He took the town by storm as he knocked and knocked at the door of each prospective benefactor. Mr James Britto gave the present compact 3.5 acres of land at Jeppu as a gift for the retreat house, wrote Fr William Sequeira in 1953 describing Fr Le Tellier's activity in Mangalore between 1938 and 1948. Fatima Retreat House had begun! In the decades which have followed, successive directors have made additions to buildings and improvements. In keeping with the spiritual atmosphere of the place, a life size Calvary and the stations of the Cross in cement concrete have been erected on the grounds, around the shrine of Our Lady of Karnataka, Patroness of the Karnataka Jesuit Province. The Fatima Retreat House has all the advantages without any of the disadvantages of a roadside location.

The Fatima Retreat House today is more than a retreat house merely: it is a complex of apostolates: the press apostolate with the publication of the monthly paper, Jesu Rai, religious books and liturgical-music publications; the School of music already known as 'Sangeetalaya' teaching vocal and instrumental music: the West Karnataka Jesuit Regional Vocation Centre. It is, owing to its location, a meeting place for scripture studies, Alcoholic Anonymous, conferences for clergy, courses in counselling and spirituality for religious etc.

While there was limited response for the retreat movement in Calicut, it caught the attention of the people in Banga lore, thanks to the numerous houses of formation for religious. This led to the establishment of Dhyanashrama, the house for retreats on the Bannerghatta Road.